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Our Approach

We understand that coming to see a clinical psychologist may feel strange or daunting at first, so our first priority is to build a good working relationship with you and allow you to feel safe to explore your difficulties. 


During the initial sessions we will conduct an assessment with you, a process where we will work together to understand your unique perspective and aims for the sessions.  We will use our knowledge of a range of psychological models and theories to help us develop a shared understanding of your difficulties (a formulation) and plan a suitable treatment approach.  In doing this we will consider the psychological, social and physical factors which may have contributed to your difficulties.


We will then build a treatment plan tailored for you. We specialise in treatments which are supported by research and shown to be effective, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  However, we work integratively, drawing on a range of other theories and approaches such as interpersonal psychotherapy, schema therapy, attachment theory, motivational interviewing/health behaviour change approaches and psychodynamic theory.  This means that we will have a wide variety of tools and approaches to give the best chance of finding an approach that works for you.  We work collaboratively with clients, encouraging you to give feedback at every step of the way and ensuring that the approach we provide works for you. 

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